Competitive OCOP product designs - Lessons from country experiences

Reports from World Economic Forum also pointed out that countries competitiveness has strong connection with its design capability. Countries with high competitiveness level are those with best design capability.

Vietnam Craft Award 2020

This morning, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development officially determined to hold the Vietnam Craft Award. The competition started in 2020 and is part of a global systems competition. Vietcraft is a consulting unit cooperating with the Ministry to implement this contest.

EU requirements for foreign Tourism industry

There are a number of legal, non-legal, voluntary and common requirements that organisations offering tourism services to the European market must or should comply with. Strict regulations must be complied to ensure travelers' safety

Community Nam Dam cultural tourism village

‘Nha trinh tuong’ (earthen houses) hidden behind cherry blossoms together with the warm welcome of the Red Dao community have touched visitors’ hearts and kept them stay longer everytime they travel to Nam Dam village.