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Headquarted in Hanoi, the Capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam Gift and Housewares Association (VIETCRAFT) is the representative organization of all handicraft, home décor, gift and housewares manufactures and exporteres in Vietnam. It is the leading organization to provide business services to its network of membership and VIETCRAFT is also the gateway for importeres worldwide to do business swith handicraft, home décor, gift and houseware ariticles in Vietnam.


Experts have advised handicraft businesses to improve workers’ competence and increase value-chain.Vietnamese handicraft products have been exported to EU, US, Japan...with a total export turnover of nearly US$1.5 billion per year


In collaboration with Lund University School of Industrial Design (Sweden), Vietnam Handicraft Exporter Association (Vietcraft) and Vietnamese Enterprises Delegation organized a business trip to Europe for making the collaboration with the experts and organizations in design in Europe, in order to build the foundation for Vietnamese arts and crafts industry in general and businesses in particular; and thus to increase the value through setting product design. 


In order to support the producers of sustainable Vietnamese handicrafts and promote the national brand for the handicraft sector (Vietcraft Excellence), Vietnam Handicraft Exporter Association (Vietcraft) has supported 12 enterprises to attend the international home décor and gift fair “Ambiente” in Frankfurt (Germany) from 12 to 16 February 2016 within the scope of sustainable handicraft design and branding project. 

2017-09-01 00:00:00 (Tokyo, Japan)
2017-09-08 00:00:00 (Paris, France)
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Provide buyers realiable information about suppliers in Vietnam. This is also the tool for Vietcraft to offer better services for its members.

A tool for companies to diagnose their business basing on the programmed auditing procedures that are required by different responsible buyers.

With its nationwide network of membership, Vietcraft is the most reliable sourcing organization of home accessories and gift articles in Vietnam.

Provides up-to-date international market insights for home decor and gift sector  concerning the trends, trade channel and requirements, buyers.